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What is the RAC Approved Dealer Scheme?

The RAC’s main objective was to make it easy for motorists to find the good, reputable dealers, in an often crowded & confusing market place.

RAC Approved Dealers are the only dealers able to offer the Buysure scheme. Each dealer is regularly audited, their processes checked, and their quality thoroughly tested. Every Approved Dealer shares the RAC ethos for quality, integrity and exceptional customer service.

Why have Whatlington Car Sales decided to join the RAC Approved Dealer Program?

Buying a used car can become a complicated experience, and many people feel vulnerable or unsure of the right questions to ask. This can often lead to customers feeling rushed and pressured into buying a vehicle, without going through the necessary checks and inspections.

Having a car that has been confirmed as good quality, safe, and legal, by an RAC approved qualified professional, takes away these problems before you’ve even looked at it.

The RAC brand is one of the most trusted brands in the UK with an excellent reputation for high quality and honesty, and whilst we looked at several other scheme providers, the RAC stood head and shoulders above the rest.

What do Motorists get from an RAC Approved Dealer?

Experience tells us that customers who have a car checked to RAC standards are less stressed, and are happier that everything is in order. RAC Approved Dealers are committed to providing the very best quality cars and service, to ensure the customer receives a great vehicle with a fantastic buying experience.
  • Confidence that the car is of the highest quality.
  • A certificate confirming that the vehicle has undergone, and passed, the RAC - 82 point Approved Vehicle Preparation Check.
  • An RAC Car Passport Certificate.
  • 3 Months RAC Warranty (extendable).
  • 12 Months RAC Roadside, Recovery, & At Home Breakdown Cover (extendable).
  • RAC Accident Care (for the duration of the breakdown cover).

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